We are a guild on Lightbringer PvP of Light’s Hope with a core group of people that comes from old Nostalrius PVP Server. We have been playing on Nostalrius since it came out and were leading the guild <Dagordacil>. After the shut down we decided for a fresh start on the new PVP Server and we would like to invite you to join our ranks. Our old guild was one of the first big alliance guilds on the old server and we had a solid squad that cleared all content within 1 raid day including ZG on top of the regular MC, BWL, Onyxia raid. 


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ETECC is recruiting active players for World of Warcraft for raid progression in vanilla content on the private realm Lightbringer PvP on Light’s Hope. We raid Wednesdays + Sundays 18.30 [EU CET] ST. Join a friendly & helpful guild with experienced leadership & a great community!  Our second raid squad runs Thursdays at 18.30 server time.

We offer:
A core group of players to become a part of
Experienced Leadership
A guild with a working and fair loot council
Friendly and laid back guild environment
A Discord Server to fool around on
Helpful & social people
A raid team that aims for Naxxramas
A Hybrid Specc friendly raid
Disciplined raid environment
An open ear for concerns and critique

We do not offer:
A Tryhard #1 raiding environment
A place to complain and whine
Officer positions
A guild to rush content

If this sounds interesting to you then